Coporate Profiles is a website dedicated to the distribution of FrozenSpam software. This software belongs to Commercial Research Ltd. a small sized UK corporate.


Our software department is highly specialized in everything related to security and automation. Since 1998 our developers are involved in products devoted to network administrators, programmers and similar.


Since we control our infrastructure, we have handled our mail servers for a very long time now. Our platform has always been Windows related. Microsoft Exchange was already a product oversized for our needs(anyone in fact...) so we started with the well known Imail from Ipswitch.


Their pricing policy continue increased year after year when the product quality itself declined.

Finally, we bought a Smartermail license. Wow ! Since the very first license we bought, the product has always been a very nice and efficient mail server. Their pricing policy is realistic and does not change very much! But like everyone else, year after year, we experienced more and more spam in our mailboxes.


At first a Barracuda appliance was a convenient solution, but very expensive in fact... Later trying Comtouch, which also did not meet our needs.


Because like many users out there, we have had our email addresses for a long, decades even, and from time to time we have been unwillingly registered to regular mailing lists. Then market rules changed: These mailing lists secretly pass or sell our mail addresses to other mailing lists etc...

Whenever you try to unsubscribe, you receive more and more. And the fact is... That these professional emailers are never marked as spammers anywhere, none of the supposed powerful RBLs or others!


Because they enroll in paying services such as Return Path and others which ensure they are never marked as spammers.


If you were to only receive 10 or maybe even 50 spam emails in a week... But in this day and age, your mailboxes are exposed to thousands and thousands of merchants whom really desire to sell you something. Some are pure garbage, some might be interesting, but the result is that you can receive up to 500 emails per day which will be never marked as spam!


Do you realize the amount time you are wasting?


Then some services came on the market like Mail in Black. Very efficient in fact, but none of them satisfied or fit our needs: it's pretty complex to explain to a end user how to use a different pop server to send and receive his own emails. This also makes the use of the wonderful Smartermail's webmail useless as the way Mail in Black works it would never be able to remove the mails from the server itself...


With such a gap, we started to make our own solution related to Smartermail. The result is here:

FrozenSpam !

Well, it works, in fact it works so great that we have too much time on our hands from not having to sift through thousands of spam messages everyday. We're almost lonely now without our daily dose of unwanted spam.


No matter, we have now more free time to enjoy life... and also work on this exciting product for the benefit of all! ;)


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